Wollongong Might Become Australia’s First Plastic-Free City | National Geographic

Wollongong, situated on NSW’s South Coast is rallying to finish singular- use plastic luggage city-wide. A group group referred to as ‘Plastic Free Wollongong’ has partnered with native council to teach companies and occasion organisers concerning the repercussion of plastic and tips on how to be extra eco-friendly.

“We want to go to businesses and show them … there are easy alternatives,” surfer and PFW member Andrew Gray informed SBS News.

“It’s about creating platforms for those businesses who are willing to make the change to be promoted, and people should go to these businesses as preferred alternatives because they’re making the extra effort to preserve our environment. They deserve your dollar.”

Group member Andrew Gray joined Plastic Free Wollongong when he went out for a surf someday and realised simply how polluted the favored seashore was.

“I’m a surfer, so I see plastic probably more than a lot of people. I’m down at the beach picking up rubbish,” he stated defined to SBS.

“It is really concerning … there’s so many cafes and businesses that use single-use plastics. If they’re disposed of incorrectly or littered, it goes into our beautiful oceans.”

Local companies have begun rallying behind the group, with beachside café Earth Walker rejecting all plastic merchandise, making the change to paper and metallic straws and cardboard takeaway containers.

The café acquired the primary Ocean pleasant accreditation from the organisation Surfrider, who has solely permitted 150 eating places in Hawaii.

If extra native companies undertake this rule, Wollongong is properly on its solution to attaining its objective.

Lead picture: Aerial view of Wollongong seashore, Olga Kashubin

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