Cafe keen to reduce cup landfill

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RIGHT: The Freddo Finn fish is filled with disposable coffee cups .

A Denmark cafe has joined a nationwide motion to minimise the quantity of disposable coffee cups thrown into landfill.

Chilli Lime and Salt Cafe proprietor, Monika Bennie stated she joined the Responsible Cafes motion to encourage her clients to deliver their very own cup.

She additionally invited an area setting group to put their instructional artwork piece outdoors her cafe to remind everybody how a lot coffee cups the area people eliminate in a day.

“Freddo Finn fish is an educational art piece that was previously filled with plastic shopping bags for 12 months but now it has a gut full of disposable cups to encourage folks to consider alternative options,” she stated.

“Based on the statistic that one billion disposable cups are used every year in Australia, Freddo Finn shows the amount of coffee cups we used in Denmark in one day, which is a total of 547 cups.”

Ms Bennie stated the fish statue had attracted totally different responses.

One of the conversations she had was for Shire to present Denmark residents with their very own disposable coffee cups bins, to make it simpler for the cups to be recycled.

According to the Responsible Cafes web site, greater than three billion takeaway cups in Australia are thrown yearly and most have been by no means recycled due to insufficient industrial composting amenities.

Ms Bennie stated her cafe would not promote coffees in disposable coffee cups ranging from subsequent yr.

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