Canberra Times letters to the editor: Healthy fail

The valiant efforts of governments and well being teams to inform and educate the group about wholesome meals decisions (‘‘Most don’t perceive kilojoules’’, May 6, p.6) won’t ever succeed, for 3 elementary causes: first, as a result of these efforts are overwhelmed by the larger advertising assets and complicated approaches of the meals and beverage business (together with the quick meals sector), who successfully manipulate the setting through which meals decisions are made; second, as a result of when individuals make selections about meals decisions – and we’re stated to make greater than 200 meals selections day by day – many of those are ‘‘mindless’’, unconscious or habit-based selections; and, third – as the current shopper analysis has proven – acutely aware selections about meals will prioritise many different elements earlier than ‘‘health’’, even the place info is offered.
For these causes, ‘‘information’’ and ‘‘education’’ will solely obtain a lot and are unlikely to persuade those that resist well being messages and whose priorities and pursuits are elsewhere.
Rather than making an attempt to affect tens of millions of people to make acutely aware selections which prioritise well being – which is usually an summary and long-term idea – governments must be addressing the ‘‘obesogenic environment’’, encouraging or mandating meals reformulation, proscribing unhealthy meals promoting to youngsters, and specializing in different methods which might make the wholesome decisions the straightforward decisions by default.

Karina Morris, Weetangera

Working poor

Canberra social service suppliers are dealing with elevated demand from working households confronting value of dwelling pressures, in an Australia boasting 26 years of uninterrupted financial progress (‘‘Social services seeing more working families, Sunday’’, CT, May 6, p.7).
Millions of working poor are being left behind, in a rustic of 11,000 millionaires and, in accordance to the Financial Review Rich List (2017), 60 billionaires. Corporations are banking ever larger income. Australian taxation figures disclose some 700 of Australia’s largest pay no tax, whereas many others pay token quantities, with few truly remitting 30 per cent, which, paradoxically, Turnbull, at the behest of the Business Council of Australia (BCA), strains to decrease. Then there are the ‘‘disrupters’’ – Amazon, Google, Uber, and so forth – which parasitise communities, paying no tax, driving down wages, destroying companies, courtesy fawning politicians, and working utterly extraterritorially, past Australia’s authorized attain.
St John’s and Canberra City Care’s means to meet primary wants is compromised each by elevated demand and lowered donations, as individuals have much less discretionary revenue. Carnell’s Chamber of Commerce and Westacott’s BCA’ ferocious – profitable? – campaigns, urged on by Minister Cash, to scale back penalty charges, additional pauperised the already poor, decreasing them to precarious subsistence, in a wealthy nation.
Considered authorities coverage encouraging excessive ranges of immigration plus a plethora of ‘‘skilled’’ work visas, granted on whim to employers, are used as wedges to drive down wages, subliminally succeeding the place Work Choices failed.
Is this actually the nation for which so many fought and died?

Albert M. White, Queanbeyan

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