Fortnite’s New Food Fight Mode Allows For Some Sneaky Sabotage

Fortnite’s newest patch brings a brand new limited-time mode, Food Fight, by which two groups defend one of many recreation’s restaurant mascots whereas destroying the opposing workforce’s. It’s chaotic, nevertheless it supplies loads of alternatives for backstabbing enjoyable.

In Food Fight, launched in the present day as a part of patch 6.30, groups are assigned to guard both the tomato mascot of Pizza Pit or the burger mascot of Durr Burger, two in-game eating places. Teams can construct protecting buildings round their mascot and arm them with Fortnite’s new mounted turrets earlier than a barrier comes down, after which they will begin destroying the opposite staff’s defences. Player should destroy the opposite staff’s mascot earlier than theirs is destroyed.

It took me a short while to wrap my head across the push and pull of reinforcing my staff’s buildings whereas shifting ahead to deal injury. Explosive gadgets aren’t out there, so you need to get in shut.

Death just isn’t everlasting on this mode. Players respawn with their stock. Downed gamers additionally depart behind some ammo and supplies, letting survivors maintain shifting by means of the match.

Once I obtained the hold of issues, I found what I contemplate to be the best technique: leaping into the opposing group’s turrets and laying waste earlier than they observed me.

As a battle royale recreation, Fortnite doesn’t present a number of alternatives for sneaky sabotage. I discovered that the chaos of Food Fight, with partitions going up and other people zipping round, was simply distracting sufficient to sneak in unawares. From there, I might shotgun individuals earlier than they realised I used to be their enemy.

I might additionally leap right into a turret and hearth away earlier than they realised and shot me, or—extra typically—the turret overheated and exploded, killing me within the course of. I additionally had fun headshotting distracted turreters and simply usually benefiting from the tempo of the mode. Things are frantic within the midst of a firefight or once you’re up shut with the opposing staff, however the battle itself feels drawn out.

In the video games I performed, our groups have been principally tied for injury till the late recreation, when panic inspired riskier pushes and extra aggressive play. Mounted turrets can now be present in the primary recreation as nicely, and I’m excited (and a bit of terrified) to see what gamers do with them.

In addition to the brand new LTM, Epic has disabled the power to re-deploy the glider you first use when dropping right into a match for all modes besides huge group video games and Playground. Epic introduced the transfer yesterday, explaining “We did not live up to expectations of quickly iterating on the mechanic and communicating plans.”

Glider re-deploy has been contentious since its appeared in all recreation modes on the end of October. I’m impartial on this – I seldom survive lengthy sufficient to make use of the re-deploy perform to its full potential—nevertheless it was useful in navigating the huge buildings of Food Fight.

My colleague Ethan regrets its removing as a result of, he stated, he hates “feeling so glued to the ground. It also gave non-expert builders something fun to do. You could build a big sky ramp and then glide off to your next destination.”

Other gamers are additionally torn concerning the removing. “[F]or some people glider redeploy was what the game needed to be less stale,” one participant said on reddit, and another agreed that it “made the games much more fun for me.” Other gamers felt it made the sport less tactical or disliked the way it de-emphasised building.

I’m glad it’s nonetheless obtainable in some modes, particularly Food Fight, however we’ll see how gamers adapt to its removing.

You can view all of the patch notes here for extra of the nitty-gritty. I loved my time with Food Fight, and I’m excited to have extra alternatives to infiltrate enemy groups.

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