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A couple of weeks in the past, I used to be catching up with my favorite sister and as she started to sip at her skinny flat white, she stated, “I’m fairly positive that a cappuccino is only a flat white with extra foam and chocolate on prime.” Now, though she was proper, her uncertainty made me assume – she can’t be the one one with questions on her coffee order, however she is the one one which has me for a sister to ask. Since that may be a nice misfortune, I assumed that I might take a while to put it out for y’all.

Perhaps probably the most complicated drink of all is the flat white, which is gaining reputation throughout the globe after being invented over 30 years in the past. Both Alan Preston in Australia and Fraser McInnes of New Zealand declare to have named the drink with primarily the identical reasoning; it’s a drink that’s each ‘flat’ and ‘white’, versus being brief, or lengthy and black.

Like 80s shoulder pads, that is an excessive amount of foam!

Since the ‘80s so much has modified on the earth of coffee. We have stated goodbye to stacking our cappuccino foam as excessive because the sky, and warmly welcomed some clean, latte artwork crammed micro foam to our milk coffees. Our coffee tradition is rising stronger and but debate surrounding the flat white nonetheless extends from its nation of origin to how a lot coffee, milk and even what form and measurement of cup it must be served in!

By definition, a Flat white is:

A kind of coffee made with espresso and scorching steamed milk, however with out the froth attribute of a cappuccino.
– Oxford English Dictionary

A standard Italian caffé latte, which we shorten to latte right here within the land of Aus, additionally interprets to ‘milk coffee’, although. So, what’s the distinction between a flat white and a latte?

Originally a flat white would have been distinguishable by stronger traits of coffee, in contrast with a milky latte. This additional power may be achieved in two methods – by including additional coffee or by decreasing the quantity of milk (so, utilizing a smaller cup). But there isn’t a outlined milk to coffee ratio for a flat white, or any of the drinks for that matter so it may be actually complicated to work out precisely what you’ll get if you flip up at your native coffee shop!

The consensus in most specialty coffee outlets all through Australia now’s easy: a flat white and a latte are the identical drink, served in both a cup, or a glass. A latte, in its taller, thinner glass will subsequently seem to have extra foam. When you’re serving the identical quantity of froth in a flat white, it spreads out thinner and subsequently is aptly named flat and white. In a takeaway, you may be getting precisely the identical drink. With a unique identify!

Renae’s Fav Flat White

My favorite flat white recipe is:

1 shot of espresso in a 150ml bowl formed cup topped up with textured milk, steamed to 60 levels, with a latte artwork coronary heart*. Deeeeeelicious!

*a sign of additional love, in all probability.

Flat White Variations

Depending on the place you purchase your flat white, you may anticipate a number of variations:


Not all photographs are created equal. The quantity of water that will get run by way of the coffee, and at what velocity makes an enormous distinction to the style and power of the photographs. Ristretto are round half of the dimensions of an espresso shot, however are rather more concentrated. Flat whites might include single or double espressos or ristrettos, relying on what the baristas assume tastes best. Just to make it a bit extra difficult, how ‘strong’ your flat white tastes will even rely upon the place your beans are from, how they have been roasted and even how recent they’re.


Generally a flat white may have someplace between 150ml-200ml of milk added, which has been steamed to 60 levels Celsius poured over the espresso leading to a skinny layer of clean micro foam overlaying the floor and in case you are fortunate some fairly latte artwork, too. As specialty coffee positive factors reputation, our espresso is getting tastier and so when it comes to milk much less is extra – a 160ml cup is turning into the norm.


Can be bowl formed, tulip formed or actually any form in any respect, simply not glass as a result of then we must name it a latte!

To add slightly extra confusion into the combination, if you need a very magical expertise (and you’re a Melbourne native!) you may need to order your self a ‘magic’, which is a double ristretto with round ¾ of the milk that a latte, or flat white would have. For these of you in my hometown, Perth, on the lookout for a stronger coffee choice you’ve gotten the controversial ‘long mac topped-up’. Originating from the macchiato, which means ‘stained’, which is espresso with a stain of froth. The story is that we needed a bit extra bang (milk) for our buck and so we created a brand new which means; these days you’ll be served a latte with an additional shot. And a latte is only a flat white in a unique cup. So, I assume an extended mac is only a flat white with an additional shot, served in a glass. Simple. A phrase of warning in your travels Perthians; in Melbourne by asking for an extended mac topped-up you’ll have simply ordered your self an extended black with a touch of froth.

The ‘perfect’ cuppa joe goes to be totally different for everybody so it’s all about discovering a café that makes it precisely the way you prefer it, and extra importantly serves it to you with a smile. For anybody who want to know a bit extra about what you’re consuming; learn up on ‘The Coffee Menu Explained’, an ideal information that will help you select your coffee of selection.

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