Melbourne dumpling eating competition: How fast could you eat 50?

Dozens of Victorians are set to collect in Melbourne on Saturday to participate in a dumpling eating competitors.

The contest may sound easy: The first individual to eat 50 boiled dumplings wins a $500 eating voucher.

But there is a twist.

Tough competitors

Competitors might be up towards Australia’s primary skilled aggressive eater Cal Stubbs, aka HulkSmashFood.

Stubbs can be will robust to beat with greater than 405 eating competitors wins underneath his belt.

“I love dumplings. I’ve eaten 242 before during a capacity challenge,” Stubbs stated.

“You can only pick the dumpling up one at a time, so it will be whoever has the best technique”.

Chevron Right Icon‘You can solely decide the dumplings up separately, so it is going to be whoever has the best method’.

“Saucing anything will help getting it down, I think I’ll go with soy tomorrow. Not chilli. That might be a little hard and hot,” Stubbs laughed.

“It’s all going to come down to technique. I think there are four or five other people who could take the prize.”

Massive meals

Wither greater than 180,000 Instagram followers, HulkSmashFood is an internet sensation.

He often posts footage of his meals conquests.

Event particulars

The competitors will happen on the south meals precinct inside Box Hill Central on Saturday June 22 from 12pm.

“We’re expecting a great crowd of people to cheer for, and be entertained by, the dumpling enthusiasts who battle it out for title of Dumpling Eating Champion,” Olga Lekovic from Box Hill Central informed

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