6 Food and celebrations

We naturally plan our meals when we’re hosting special occasions like birthday parties or New Years’ celebrations.

Unfortunately the spirit of sharing can result in large amounts of perfectly good food being wasted because we over-cater for our friends and family.

Follow the same tips to avoid over-catering and wasting food when planning for a celebration:

  • Think about how many people will attend
  • Plan your meals and write a shopping list
  • Use a portion calculator to work out how much food you need to buy

If you have food left over package it up for your guests to take home.

  • Make sure perishable food is not left outside the fridge any longer than 2 hours
  • Pop any left over food inside an airtight container and store it in the fridge or freezer
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If you’re holding a celebration or party at a restaurant talk to the staff beforehand.

Ask whether they donate food to charities like: SecondBiteFareShareOz Harvest and Food Bank. These charities take leftover or unwanted food and put it to good use. 

You should also ask whether the restaurant will allow leftover food to be packaged up in containers for guests to take home.

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Did you know?

Households in NSW throw away almost $700 million in leftovers every year.

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